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What We Do

At SparkHR, we offer outsourced HR to SME businesses. Our services fall into three main areas.

HR Support/Advice

Our HR support service enables you to get the advice you need, when you need it, from an experienced, qualified HR consultant who understands your business challenges. This advice and support can be delivered over the telephone, via email and/or on-site as required. Read More

HR Consulting

For clients who need more strategic insight and in-depth practical support, we offer a HR consulting service. That means that by charging a competitive day rate, we will work with you to understand your needs and apply HR solutions that are tailored to your business. Read More

Training & Development

One key factor in employee motivation and retention is that employees want to continue to grow and develop their skills. This isn’t just about going on training courses, but more about understanding and improving the skills that will help you to achieve your business goals. Read More

HR Support/Advice | HR Consultancy | Training & Development

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